Currently working toward his graduate degree in Information Systems at the University of Nevada, John Gessin has accumulated extensive experience in business systems and network administration. He has worked with system design and management from planning through execution stages and has proven himself a skilled Project Manager. With eight years of experience in network management, John Gessin combines high-level communication and human resource management skills with exceptional technical systems expertise. Most recently, Gessin held responsibilities as a Network Administrator at Alere Medical Technologies in Reno, Nevada. In a role that involved both on-site and off-site work, he successfully managed network as well as data center activity. Through careful monitoring and skilled service of systems, he maintained a 97 percent server “up time” rate. Advancing quickly within the company during his tenure, John Gessin received invitations to work on several senior-level information technology (IT) projects. John Gessin came to his role at Alere Medical Technologies following a position at Microsoft Licensing, GP, where he oversaw numerous projects from design to completion. He also performed a variety of user support and troubleshooting tasks for both hardware and software systems. In addition, Gessin designed several roll-out strategies and compiled reports based on hardware and software behavior. With an interest in keeping current in his field, Gessin retains membership in several professional organizations. He belongs to the Association of Information Technology Professionals, the Society of Information Technology Management, and the National Association of Computer Consulting Businesses. A Cisco Certified Network Administrator (CCNA), he holds affiliation with the Cisco Networking Professionals Connection. John Gessin also plays an active role in the Parent Teacher Organization and serves as a volunteer


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